Canvas Block Head Mannequin Head With Stand for Making Wigs

Canvas Block Head Mannequin Head With Stand for Making Wigs

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  • The canvas wig head is made of 100% cork. Compared with poly filled canvas head, cork canvas head is more sturdy and durable. It is very suitable for making wigs.
  • Canvas block head professionally designed according to human's head shape, have more refined appearance. You could put pins and hold wigs easily. Very Easy and Convenient to Use, Great for Wig Making, Fixing Wig Making, Styling and Display.
  • The wig head base has mounting holes (about 1 inch in diameter) that match most wig stands or tripods on the market. The clamp stand is included in the package, please refer to the steps shown in the picture to install the clamp stand.
  • You can measure your head circumference by going around the head behind the ears from the nape of the neck round to the front hairline.

Product Material:100%Cork

Product Size: 21 inch,22 inch,23 inch,24 inch.

Product Height: 10 inch

Product Color: Light brown

Product Accessories:a clamp stand,15 pcs pins,4 pcs needles,a wig cap ,sewing

Used for: Wig making and display